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PT. ARCELINDO LESTARI is one of Manufacturer a Specialty Chemicals and Water Treatment – Chemical Maintenance Systems in Indonesia.

PT. ARCELINDO LESTARI activities was started as supplier of chemical maintenance products. Through a continuous learning process and abundance of Technical Application & Chemical Maintenance Systems experience, since 1996 PT. ARCELINDO LESTARI was established and manifest as one of Specialty Chemicals Manufacturers in Jakarta - Indonesia producing Water Treatment & Chemical Maintenance products used in Industrial and Marine business.

The generic chemical products are : Boiler Water Treatment , Cooling Water Treatment , Fuel Oil Treatment, Oil Spill Dispersant , Solvent base or Water base Degreaser, Liquid or Powdered Descaler and Others Chemical Maintenance Systems.

In line with the global issue of environment and also “ safety first “ , we are looking into the Need of creating alternative Chemical Maintenance Systems which is not only serve as a diversification or alternative to the conventional chemical maintenance systems but also as an environment friendly.
We also support our customer how to handle our products to be safe for all equipment.

To be the most preferred choise of our customers and maintain our brand “ ARCEL” become one of leading in Chemical Maintenance Products for Industrial and Marine.

1. Achieve excellent financial results and grow profitably.
2. Enhance customer value by providing finest quality and innovative products, highest
creditability, and reliability of services, with competitive prices and punctual delivery.
3. Improve and optimize our business processes effectively and continuously.
4. Develop and utilize our personnel capabilities to their fullest performance.
5. Contribute to the societies through the improvement of environmental performance,
occupational health and safety for employees, and continuous support to the local

• Treatment
• Maintenance
• Cleaning

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